Stress Relief: The Hidden Benefit of Dancing for Any Age

People of all ages, these days, are seeking methods of stress relief, and having trouble finding any. Yet, ironically, people who participate regularly in dance class as a hobby, report much lower levels of tension, even though that was not the intended purpose of taking the class. If you are one of those people who […]

The Cecchetti Method of Ballet Instruction Helps Dancers in Albany

At Redemption Dance Institute, our Albany dance teachers use a time-tested method of ballet instruction called the Cecchetti method. This formal and rigorous program was developed by a ballet master named Enrico Cecchetti. It has become the standard method of universal ballet learning, which before his curriculum was more haphazard and dependent on the style […]

Finding an Albany Dance School for Dance Classes: Factors to Consider

If your children are interested in learning more about the art of dancing, whether that means ballet or modern dance, it can be difficult to know what type of Albany dance school will best fit your needs. There are many different types of dance studios in Albany, NY so before you choose one, do a […]

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